Are you looking for something delicious with a tid-bit of a sugar rush? Well then you are in luck. Afya Jema Cakery believes in bringing a smile to your face by making your day a special day. We believe that flavors and quality cannot be compromised. We’re passionate about what we create, and our products are made with care and love, just for you and your loved ones.


About Afya Jema Cakery

The Home of Cakes and Chocolate



Hello there! My name is Yakuta: Baker, chocolate lover, confectionery artist and a general art admirer. I am professionally culinary trained in most of the things that I make, did some courses here and there to gain more in-depth knowledge. People who know me know that I have always had an eye for art whether it being something related to food or otherwise…it runs in the family. And believe me I never say “NO” to chocolates.


There were two factors which led me from changing my career from pursuing an MBA to a confectionery artist. One of the factors is my grandmother who always inspired me by making those wonderfully delicious cakes and classic Indian desserts for me, and a huge thank you to my husband for exposing me to the world of confectionery art and chocolate making, from that moment on I had this dream of having my very own chocolate and confectionery creations that would have a “WOW” factor.


Afya Jema Cakery was thus born and we hope to take it to soaring heights with you as our passengers on this journey.

Thank you for stopping by and joining us on our deliciously “made with love” ride; we would be delighted to know you and accept your challenge, so bring it on.


A Unique Taste For All Occasion


Our cakes consists of one flavor, three layers, full coat of buttercream and standard accenting. Customization would cost extra and are not shown in the prices below – please contact us and we can work out a quote for you.


Mini (feeds up to 4 – 6 people) from $30.00

Standard (feeds up to 8 – 10 people) from $45.00




We Let You choose the best cups


Our goal is to deliver an exquisite product for you be it for an event or for personal consumption. We can customize cupcakes per your requirements e.g. color schemes, branding – contact us and we can work it out.


Mini: $20.00/dozen (Min Order 1 dozen)

Regular: $30.00/dozen (Min Order 1 dozen)




The Ultimate reason for calm minds


All our chocolates are handcrafted using the finest quality ingredients. We offer chocolate bars and bonbons of various flavors. We also do premium flavors and custom packaging – please feel free to contact us for more details.


Bonbons: $18 for a box of 9 chocolates

Bar: $8 per bar 82g bar



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